TAG Services

Elementary Enrichment Pull-Outs

Currently the elementary schools come together twice a month for an hour and a half. Firwood and Sandy meet at Sandy Grade School while Kelso and Naas meet at OTA. Welches Elementary School has an individual meeting twice a month for an hour and a half.


Students choose a competition to work towards competing in by the end of the year. Each student is asked to compete in one competition either alone or as a team but may compete in more. In addition, students will choose a topic that they would like to explore further as a group. Choices have included squid dissection, urban planning, pencil drawing, CSI, game theory, battle strategies, creating own worlds, treehouse building, gamemaker, filmaking, computer dissection, dry ice experiments, what it means to be TAG, ancient Greece and mock trials.


Middle School Field Trips

The Middle School students have the opportunity to attend career related field trips.  The goal is to give students exposure to careers they might not otherwise have considered. Previous years trips have included:  Intel, Bonneville Power Agency for a high energy lab, Reed Nuclear Power Plant, Portland Underground Tunnels (historians), and the  Oregon Art Museum.

High School College Advising

High School students have the option of one on one college advising and essay support with the TAG Coordinator.