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Kelso teacher carries on family P.E. tradition

Kelso PE class

Nick Coburn’s NBA aspirations led instead to teaching physical fitness

Coburn tries to keep his students engaged by introducing some out-of-the ordinary sports into the mix, and educating them on other cultures and their activities. He has taught his classes games from South America, Asia, and other countries and regions. With every game, he also tries to teach them a little bit about the country itself, and how to say “hello” in that country’s native language.

The rewarding part of the job for Coburn is seeing the students letting go and having fun, noting that elementary school children are unique in their view of P.E., starting off many of his mornings with “smiles, cheers and excitement.”

Read about Kelso and Naas Elementary School Physical Education teacher Nick Coburn in the Sandy Post article ( Story and photos by reporter Brittany Allen.