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CRMS Family Update

Hello CRMS Students and Families,

The end of the 2016-17 school year is quickly approaching! While we only have six weeks left, there is still so much to do and our staff is working hard to ensure your child is fully prepared to move onto the next grade level. Please take a careful look at all of the upcoming events and activities listed below. As you can see, we still have a lot of learning and fun to be had over the coming weeks! While all CRMS students have the opportunity to participate in our last day field trips and activities, the most important thing is that we stay focused on attendance, academics, and behavior on a daily basis. That is their ticket to fun!

Here are a few important announcements and updates:

Dress Code

With the warm weather we invariably see spikes in dress code violations. It is our duty and responsibility to maintain a safe and professional learning environment for all of our students. Please make sure your students are adhering to the dress code policies, not limited to, but including: avoiding short shorts, excessively cut up jeans, spaghetti or racer-back tank tops, muscle t-shirts, or any clothing item with inappropriate content (alcohol, drugs, weapons, nudity, etc.). This week we are working hard to kindly remind students about the policy, but please note that next week we will begin to issue more formal reminders and may need to call home.


Fidgets seem to be the new “thing”. While a handful of students with medical or attention needs may benefit from using a fidget tool to help them concentrate and engage in class, most students are using them as a toy and this has become a major distraction. You have likely seen similar messages on the television news as this issue is not limited to CRMS. At this point and time we believe fidgets can be successfully incorporated in classrooms, with the following rules to minimize disruptions to learning:

  • Don’t toss, stretch, or chew fidgets;
  • If you’re not using it, leave your fidget on the table or keep it in your desk;
  • When you need it, use it in your lap so others don’t see you playing with it;
  • If your fidget has become a distraction to other students, please put it away;
  • Fidgets may be used during social time before school and during recess.

Parents we would appreciate it if you could talk to your kids about how and why fidgets are used in school and at home, to reinforce these guidelines.



May 12th – Career Day 8:00am-10:00am – Volunteers Needed

May 23rd – Choir and Band Performance 7:00pm

June 2nd – Dancing With the Staff and Last Recognition Assembly

June 9th – CRMS Olympics – Volunteers Needed

June 9th – 8th Grade Banquet, arrive at 6:00pm for pictures, Dance at 7:00pm – Volunteers Needed

June 12th – Locker Clean Out (during Advisory)

June 13th – 8th Grade Promotion Practice (during 8th period)

June 14th – 8th Grade Promotion Practice (during Advisory)

June 15th  – 8th Grade Promotion at Sandy High School, 5:30-6:30pm (please arrive by 5:00pm)

June 16th – Morning Yearbook Signing Party & Last Day Field Trips