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OTA Site Council!

We are forming a Site Council for the 2017-18 School Year!  Our Site Council will meet monthly – date and time to be determined once the group finalizes membership.

The Role of the School Site Council

Site Council plays an important role in decision making about the School Improvement Plan.  Below you can find out more about what the Council does and how you can get more involved.

What the Site Council Does

The school Site Council is a group of teachers, parents and classified employees (and students) who work with the Director to develop, review and evaluate school improvement programs and school budgets.

The exact duties of the Site Councils vary, but they generally either make decisions or advise the OTA Board on the school improvement plan. In addition to academic planning, Site Councils may also help provide feedback about parent engagement, safety, and school climate.

Over the course of a year, a typical Council might consider the goals of the school  and  work with the director to evaluate the school’s progress toward those goals. The Site Council might consider school data, staff, student and parent surveys and input from students.   After looking at the big picture of the school’s progress, the Council and the director co-create a plan for improvement.

Site Council members don’t just represent their own interests. They have an obligation to make decisions that will best serve the whole school community. In fact, many site councils are specifically charged with finding ways for ALL students to be successful!

Please contact to sign up or to find out more information! Please sign up by April 28th!  Thank you!

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