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OTA Update! Staff, Fidget Spinners, Busy Weeks Ahead!

Welcome to Ms. Tara Fagan who will be taking Mr. Brown’s place in the 4th grade classroom!  Ms. Fagan comes to us from the David Douglas School District where she currently teaches 5th grade.  Prior to her current position, she was a teaching artist in San Francisco for 4 years.   In addition, she has a performing artist background and as an added bonus she also speaks Spanish.  Her experience in the arts and in teaching makes her a great addition to our school!

Reminder about Toys in School:  Students should not bring personal items or their toys to school.  Fidget Spinners are toys, and as such, should not be brought to school. Mrs. Reel’s class is engaged in an Inquiry about Fidget Spinners now, which is a very IB way of helping students learn more about them, however, officially they are toys.  They are small, easy to misplace, and many look alike so students may lose them.  The school is not responsible for personal items, so please do not send them to school!

Fire Safety:  Thank you Sandy Fire Department for showing the kindergartners how fire trucks work and teaching them about fire safety! Boy that siren is loud!  Ears covered for safety!

MYP Dance!  Students from OTA and eight guest students from other middle schools attended OTA’s final dance of the year!  Dancing in the gym and games in the courtyard made it a fun event for all!  The dance was planned and hosted by OTA Student Government members.

Busy Weeks Ahead!  The last two weeks of school are the busiest!  There are 11 grades in two buildings at OTA and many of them are having end of the year events!  Be sure to check the lists and offer to help if you can!  Our volunteers make everything better and we appreciate and thank you for your help this year!!! Click on the link for the list of events!


OTA Board Meeting!  This Tuesday, 5:30pm – Cafeteria.

draft June meeting agenda

Enjoy the weekend everyone!


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