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Gearing Up for Next Year!

Today, the OTA Governing Board adopted the 2017-18 budget.  It was challenging, as the school has geared up for grades 11 and 12 to meet the IB authorization requirements ahead of having students enrolled in those grades.  Over the last four years, the school has planned for the anticipated two-year dip in funds as the school completed its final growth stages.  Lower enrollments in grades 7-10 this year also impacted OTA’s revenue.  Once students are attending in all grades, K-12, the budget returns to its anticipated positive ending fund balance.

A series of steps are designed to help the budget the next two years.  As the Oregon Trail School District Board is committed to the success of OTA students, the OTSD Board is not charging our school for facility-use fees this year (worth $125,000.)  To reduce costs next year OTA’s administrative budget will be reduced by half through hiring Debbie Johnson part time.   Lastly, to increase revenue, class size was increased by 1 in all grades , thus increasing revenues by approximately $67,000. In two years the board will reexamine class sizes  to see if the school can return to the original enrollment number.

New OTA Governing Board Officers!

President-Jen Dolan, Vice-President- Shannon Givens,  Treasurer – Mike Tilden, Secretary – Shannon Givens, At-large – Norm Trost.

The OTA Board voted tonight to establish committees led by OTA Board representatives:  Fund-raising (Mike), School Culture and Communication (Shannon), Executive (Jen), and Finance Committee (Mike).  If you are  interested in serving on any of the committees please contact Jen Dolan, the 2017-18 OTA Board President.

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