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Exhibition! Mandarin Bee Winners! Zines! Student Garden Project! MYP Milestone Tomorrow!

5th Grade Exhibition: What a great night!  The OTA Community filled the cafeteria for our annual 5th Grade Exhibition. Exhibition is a celebration of student learning as they use all the skills they have learned to engage in an in-depth study of a topic of local and global significance.  Students spent time researching their topic from multiple perspectives, worked independently and as a group, completed an action/service project related to their topic, then planned and practiced for their presentation.   PYP staff were in full attendance, including next year’s 5th grade teacher Mr. Vieira!  Thank you students, parents, and staff for the best Exhibition yet!

The pictures below show the trifold created by Jackson Luebbert.  Lander Marak is explaning that many people around the world have limited access to water for part of the year.


Mandarin Bee! Congratulations to Vania Lo (PYP Champion) and Megan Aker (MYP Champion) for winning the OTA Mandarin Bee this year!  Our Kindergarten Champion is Piper Pederson, she is pictured here with Audrina Schroeder, who earned second place!

Zines!  Ms. Evan’s Design students published their Zines and talked about them with their peers.  If you don’t know what Zines are, Wikipedia describes them this way; “A zine is most commonly a small-circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images, usually reproduced via photocopier.” Some Zines are pictured below:


Ms. Dummer is overseeing the MYP Garden project -many students have helped prepare the ground, create a pathway with recycled concrete, and add plants.  Thanks to all our parents for the donated materials!  Be sure to visit the garden  tomorrow if you are attending the MYP Milestone Program

12:45 – 1:45 Community Projects Presentation

1:50 -2:30  Milestone Program

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