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September Parent Newsletter

We are thrilled to welcome back our students! Staff greeted eager students on Tuesday and launched the 2017-18 school year. Effective communication with our parents and families is important to us. Teachers have developed a communication plan so that you will receive regular information about what’s happening in the classroom as well as how your student is doing. They will be sharing this plan with you very soon so you know what to expect. You will receive a school newsletter monthly.  Also, visit our blog on the school website for updates and other newsworthy posts!

Regular Attendance: A Key to Success
A key to success is regular attendance at school. Arriving on time at 7:45 and staying until 2:45 enables your child to participate in learning opportunities. Discussions, debate, inquiries and other interactive strategies are used by teachers to foster student knowledge and skills. MYP field Students must be present in order to grow. Please schedule appointments and family vacations outside of school days so as to maximize learning.
Regular attendance also builds good work habits for use later in life.

Calling Volunteers! Come to Training Wednesday!
OTA is very fortunate to have dedicated parent volunteers that support learning and outside activities. Please join us Wednesday, the 12th, at 8 am in the cafeteria for training with Lesley Forquer, Volunteer Coordinator. Learn how to use the new office machines and other important information before your volunteer work begins in classrooms. Hope to see you there!

Read more and get important dates by downloading the newsletter: Sep parent newsletter.

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