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Meal Prices

Meal Prices for 2017 – 2018

Elementary Breakfast


Elementary Lunch


Middle School Breakfast


Middle School Lunch


High School Breakfast


High School Lunch


Reduced Breakfast

No Charge

Reduced Lunch

No Charge

Adult Breakfast


Adult Lunch


School Meal Charging Policy:

While meal charging is generally for emergency purposes, a student may accumulate no more than the following negative amounts:

Elementary and Middle School

Students may charge no more than two days worth of meals. This amount will be $8.30 for all elementary students and $8.50 for all middle school students. After reaching the balance limit listed, with no intervening payments, the student will not be able to receive a regular full meal. We feel that no student should go without a meal in grades K-8, instead the student will receive a alternate meal consisting of a  Cheese Sandwich, the fruit and veggie bar and white milk at no charge to the student..   Students who need to add money to their account will receive notification that tells parents or guardians they need to deposit more money into their students account. Those student accounts that fall into a negative balance will be sent home with a “Negative Balance” statement every week as well as an email reminder will also be sent to the family as well as a weekly Automated Balance phone call will be generated.  Parents should be encouraged to go to and register for a online account so they can keep track of theirs students meal account via the internet.

High School 9-12

Students will not be able to charge at the High School but alternate meals are available upon request