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We Made it to the End of the Year!

Wow! We have made it through another year here at Sandy Grade! Congratulations to all the
students, parents, teachers, Sandy Grade staff, and volunteers for all of their hard work. The
collaboration and partnership amongst each of these groups deserve the credit for making this
year a success. When we reflect back on our focus of growing all students through academics,
attitude, and attendance, we have made huge strides over the past three years. For example, in
the past three years we have experienced the following growth:

Growing ALL students
Three years ago we were in the lowest 15% of elementary schools when it came to student
performance. We now currently out perform 60% of the elementary schools in Oregon and are
one of the top performing elementary schools in the Oregon Trail School District as we
consistently beat the state average in all content areas and grade levels. This has taken a lot of
work on the ends of families, students, and staff. Great work, everyone!

We spend time each week working on developing social-emotional skills with students. Over
the last year we have watched our discipline data drop by half. This means that we have half the
amount of YIKES and Office Referrals that we had the year before. Thank you, families, for
your support as we work with your child in developing these vital skills.

While we experienced a little drop this year in our average daily attendance rates, we still have
the highest attendance rate out of all the elementary schools. This is awesome! In addition, we
have one of the lowest chronic attendance rates in the area which is a huge feat and quite hard to
pull off. Thank you, everyone, for helping make sure showing up to school is a priority as it has
a direct reflection on the improvements made in and out of the classroom.

Updates for Next Year
Please continue reading as this letter contains important information for next year. Throughout
the summer you can always check our website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed to stay up to

August 14, 2017 – Front Office Opens
August 31, 2017 – Ice Cream Social and Open House at 5:00pm
September 5, 2017 – First Day for ALL Students
September 13, 2017 – Early Release Wednesday Starts for the Year – Dismissal at 1:30pm

Updated School Hours
With Cedar Ridge Middle School moving locations, our start and end times have been updated
here at Sandy Grade School. Please note them below:
7:20 am Doors Open
7:20-7:40 am Breakfast
7:40 am Morning Assembly Starts
2:30 pm School is Dismissed
**Starting on September 13th, Early Release will start and students will be dismissed at 1:30 pm.

Back to School Night – Academic Team Meetings – September 14, 2017
During the first month of school, teachers will host classroom presentations for parents on grade
level expectations, curriculum used in the classroom, and ways that you can help support your
child. Each grade level presentation will be occurring during the entire evening event so parents
are able to attend all sessions even if they have students in another grade level. It is encouraged
that younger siblings and/or students do not attend so parents / guardians can fully participate in
the sessions. This session is vital in helping parents and students understand what the end of
year target is for students at Sandy Grade School. This year Back to School Night – Academic
Team Meetings will be held on Thursday, September 14th from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

Conferences for ALL Students – November 20, 2017
Sandy Grade will be holding conferences for all students on Monday, November 20, 2017 from
8:00 am to 5:00 pm. This is an opportunity for all families and students to meet with their
child’s teacher in a 1:1 format. Your attendance at November conferences is greatly important as
we strive to work side-by-side with you in supporting your student academically, socially,
emotionally, and behaviorally. Information and sign up times for November 20th will be sent
home with students during the early part of November.

Academic Reviews – February 21, 2018
Academic Reviews will be held shortly before or after semester one report cards come out.
These meetings are for students not meeting or making adequate progress toward grade level
standards and end of year expectations. Meeting times occur during the afternoon and evening
hours of Wednesday, February 21st from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

Academic Reviews will be an opportunity to touch base with the classroom teacher regarding the
recent report card, academic growth and achievement, in addition to behavior for students that
are of particular concern. These reviews are being scheduled by the classroom teacher and are
only for students / families we are particularly concerned with.

However, if your child is meeting grade level expectations and you would still like a meeting,
teachers will be available to meet. Teachers will be sending home a separate letter to families
that are not required to attend Academic Reviews but offering an invitation to meet in person,
e-mail, or over the phone.

We have been extremely lucky to have a large number of volunteers who have given their time
to help in classrooms and with activities. THANK YOU! For next school year, we are again
looking for people to help. In particular, those who would like to help in classrooms and with
fundraisers for technology. If you would like to help out in any way, please connect with the
office. Just a reminder also to complete the volunteer online application starting in July 2017 at
www.oregontrailschools/connect/volunteer-info/ so you’ll be ready to be on campus come

The average daily attendance this year was 94.4%. Your help in ensuring that appointments are
arranged after school hours when possible and bringing them in after / before they are done with
their appointment is much appreciated. Remember as we look to the 2017-2018 school year, it is
board policy and state law that students attend regularly at a rate that equates to only missing a
total of 14 days, approximately 2 days a month.

Congratulations and Best Wishes
Congratulations and best wishes to Lesley Vermaas, Ann Thomson, Laurie Espenel, and
Cindy Snow for their retirement from the Oregon Trail School District. All four of these
fabulous ladies have touched the lives of many within the area and many of the families we still
work with today. Together they have over 100 years of amazing work in education. All four of
these incredible and dedicated individuals will be missed.

Future 6th Grade Students
Good luck to all of our 5th grade students as they leave to start middle school at either Cedar
Ridge or Boring Middle School. We send you our very best wishes and look forward to hearing
how you are doing.

Finally, I want to take a moment and wish you a happy, safe, and enjoyable summer. I can’t wait
to see everyone in September.



Dr. Rachael George


Sandy Grade School