Suzanne Pemberton


Suzanne Pemberton is an elementary music teacher with a passion for expanding students academic
achievements through the development of musical skills. A qualified specialist in the Kodály approach to
music education, her teaching draws upon the Hungarian methodology of Zoltán Kodály and
multicultural folk music traditions.

Mrs. Pemberton holds a Bachelors degree in Music Education from Warner Pacific College, and is
continuing her education at Portland State University, working toward her Masters in Music Teaching
where her focus is on connecting music education to reading achievement. Over the course of her
studies, she has taught choir and band at the Middle School and High School levels, but has developed a
passion for teaching fundamentals to primary and intermediate children. She plays multiple
instruments, being most skilled in voice, violin, and piano.

Mrs. Pemberton’s methods teach students to read, write, compose, improvise and evaluate folk music
from world cultures through the use of games, activities, singing, folk dances, creative movement and

When not teaching, Mrs. Pemberton is active in the music ministry of her church, loves to work on
puzzles, bake cakes for special events and spend quality time with her husband and grandson. Her
favorite place to vacation is the Oregon coast, and someday hopes to travel to Hawaii.