Student Count Overview

The school district student population is counted in three distinct ways, Enrollment, ADM and ADA:

Enrollment is simply a count of how many students were enrolled under the responsibility of the district on any specific day, whether absent or present on that day.  Enrollment is the most common measurement used for daily management and planning such as student/teacher ratios.

ADM(Average Daily Membership) counts how many days a student was enrolled (whether present or absent), or a “member” of the district over the course of a year.  E.g. if a student was enrolled 85 out of 170 possible attendance days, their ADM would be 85/170 or .50 ADM.  ADM is the factor used as a basis for per pupil funds by the Oregon Department of Education.

ADA(Average Daily Attendance) counts how many days a student was enrolled over the course of a year, just as ADM does, but only includes days the student was present at school.  The count method is most often used to determine attendance rates and is a factor reflected in the school and district performance report cards issued annually under NCLB (No Child Left Behind) federal law.

Each student count method reveals different data that are necessary for the effective management of the district.

For general student count information or questions, contact the district business office (503) 668-5541.


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