Homeless Program

The purpose of the Title X Homeless Education program is to facilitate the enrollment, attendance and school success of homeless children and youth.  Services provided must not replace the regular academic program and must be designed to expand on or improve services provided as part of the school’s regular academic program.

Do you know a homeless student who needs help with issues such as food, clothing, or shelter? You may ask, “Who is considered homeless”? We know that not every homeless person is living out of their car or on the streets. Homeless classifications include families who are doubled up, such as children living with relatives or grandparents; young people sleeping on the couch of a friend or family member; non-custodial adults raising someone else’s child, etc.

Oregon Trail School District provides support, information, and services for homeless families with school-age children. The district has a homeless advocate who is available to work with families. Below is a list of contacts who are able to provide information and resources to those struggling with issues such as food, clothing, or shelter. In addition, the Oregon Department of Education Homeless Education web site provides information about access to educational services.


Contact Information:
Oregon Trail School District Homeless Liaison: Ladine Marquardt
503-668-8011 – ext. 7122

Co-Liaison: Alyssa Sedgwick
503 668-8011 x 7134.

ODE State Coordinator for Homeless Education: Donna Bolt  1-503-947-5781