Title 1A

What is Title 1a?

Title 1 is a federal program. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2002 is the most recent revision of Title 1a. Title 1a provides extra funding for schools that have higher poverty rates. Its purpose is to help students in higher poverty schools attain the same high academic standards expected of all children. The funds are dispersed to school districts by the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) based on district poverty levels. ODE uses data from the most recent U.S. census to determine poverty levels.

Why do some schools get Title 1a services and others don’t?

There are very specific regulations that must be followed in deciding which schools will qualify as Title 1 Schools. The district must first determine the poverty rate of each school. A school must have at least 35% of its students qualifying for free or reduced lunch to be considered for Title 1a. OTSD has chosen to put its Title 1a monies at elementary schools based on research that consistently shows early intervention to be the most effective for students who struggle academically.

Which Oregon Trail schools qualify for Title 1a service?

Welches Elementary, Firwood Elementary, Sandy Grade, and Naas Elementary are the Title 1a schools in the Oregon Trail School District. Each school has a Schoolwide Title 1a plan that is revised annually by a committee made up of school personnel and parents.