Dear Parents/Students:

The end of the year is coming up fast! The last day for Seniors is June 6th, and the last day for all students is June 13th. If coursework is not on target, you’ll want to be putting in some extra hours to get caught up and ready for finals by the week of June 11th. All final exams must be proctored at BLC. Students who fail, or do not complete a class can check out summer school options on the BLC website. Registration is going on now through June 20th. (

Seniors will need to be done with all coursework, finals, work samples, job shadows, etc., by June 6th, and complete senior check-out forms on this day to get graduation tickets. No one will be permitted to participate in graduation activities at SHS without completion of all graduation requirements.

Next year there will be some changes to BLC as our program continues to grow and evolve. Parents and students will receive a copy of our academic policies and procedures before the beginning of the school year. This will help to ensure that everyone proactively knows expectations, routines, and what to do while working in the lab at BLC or working from home.

If you have not yet made plans for classes next year, make an appointment with me as soon as possible. Students who have not earned credit this semester may be ineligible to continue the program, but there are many other options available. See me for more information.

A note to our drivers, please use the parking lots whenever possible and avoid parking on the street in front of homes. Also, if you must drive through the gate in-between the buildings, PLEASE drive very slowly. We have students walking back-and-forth from BLC to Cedar Ridge Middle School throughout the day. It is preferred that drivers access our building from the Park St. entrance.

I hope everyone has a great end of year, and a wonderful summer break!

Christy Lucus, BLC Counselor

503-668-3456 ext. 2