OTA teacher Nancy Blaesing with her kindergarten students

Nancy Blaesing imparts worldly wisdom to students in Boring, around the world

With a family of educators, teaching was a given for Nancy Blaesing. Her father has a doctorate degree in education, and she is the youngest of five children, four of which are also teachers.

“It’s kind of a family deal,” she joked. “I wanted to be a surgeon when I was little, but my dad told me I’d never have a family life, and I wanted to have kids.”

Now, Blaesing is constantly surrounded by children — in her kindergarten class at Oregon Trail Academy as well as at home.

“My emotional tie to the kids is my superpower, but naturally, that has its pros and cons,” she explained. “(The rewarding part) is watching the kids grow and bloom. The day they read something they couldn’t a week ago is the best part of my life.”

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Story and photo by Sandy Post Reporter Brittany Allen