Andy Wex utilizes knowledge of biology, life in Sandy High School science classroom

“I think what appealed to me about education is I really believe in it,” Wex noted. “I believe that societies are measured by the quality of the free education they give their citizens. … (Education) is a wide range of opportunity.”

Throughout the year, Wex takes groups to destinations like the San Juan Islands, Newport and Astoria to go whale watching, talk to aquarists and pursue other scientific opportunities. He also advises the Aquanauts club, which is an educational group focused on oceanography.

“I try to show (students) all Oregon and Washington have to offer in the realm of career paths they could take,” Wex noted. “If they even have the slightest desire to do anything having to do with the ocean, they get a good, comprehensive picture of the opportunities that are out there.”

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Story and photo by Sandy Post Reporter Brittany Allen