Families who wish to apply for free or reduced price meals need to complete a new Free and Reduced Price Meal Application every school year even if they were approved in previous years.  If you were eligible for free/reduced price last year with this District, your benefits will carry over until October 16, 2018.  If a new application has not been received by then, the student’s previous eligibility will expire and they will lose all benefits on October 17, 2018. The family will be responsible for any charges accrued due to loss of eligibility. The Meal Application should be completed and returned to the student’s school or it can be mailed to:

Oregon Trail School District Nutrition Services   

PO Box 547

Sandy, OR 97055. 

Applications will be processed within 10 school days.

Ways to apply:

  • Online Applications are available at: https://district.ode.state.or.us/apps/frlapp
    • Applications are available at the Main Office at each campus
    • Applications are available from the school cafeteria
  • Applications may be printed from the Oregon Trail Schools website at: http://oregontrailschools.com/parents/school-nutrition/free-reduced-lunch/

In most cases, a Notice of Eligibility will be sent home with your student through their school office.  The information obtained for this program is kept confidential. Student eligibility information is concealed when they come through the cafeteria line.