Dear Parent/Guardian:

This letter is to inform you that a student in your child’s classroom has a life-threatening food allergy to: PEANUTS

It is our goal to ensure that every student in our school is safe.  Because this student cannot be in contact with foods containing this/these allergen(s), we are requesting that you avoid, if possible, sending these foods to school for snacks or treats.  Even trace elements of these products could result in a severe allergic reaction.

Please discuss the following with your child:

  • Do not offer, share or exchange any foods or utensils with other students at school.

  • Hand washing with soap and water, after eating, is necessary to decrease the chance of cross contamination on surfaces at school.

  • If your child rides the bus, remind him or her that there is a “no eating on the bus” policy.

  • There will be a designated “allergen-aware” table/desk in the classroom.

  • There will be classrooms were eating is not permitted.


The teacher will be speaking to the class about the allergy, and inviting the students’ questions and comments.

Thank you so much for your consideration with this issue!


Morgan MacGregor, Principal