The Details:

Cedar Ridge Middle School has hosted a successful Jog-A-Thon for the past several years. The money raised has gone toward upgrading and purchasing new technology for the school, revamping the student store, as well helping fund our end of the year activities. This year, we’d like to continue running our Jog-A-Thon as a Color Run. Your child will run through brightly colored clouds of powder for each lap they complete. Your child will be covered in a rainbow explosion of color at the end of the run! It is messy, but such a fun way to show off our colorful personalities.

Only students with signed Opt Out slips will be exempt from participation in the run. The colored powder is made from non-toxic food dye and corn starch and should not stain clothes. Students with asthma or other medical conditions may want to check with a doctor prior to  wear a protective mask or will need to complete the Opt Out slip.

Students may choose to NOT have color tossed on them during the run by wearing dark or black clothing. Students that do want to participate in the Color Run portion of the Jog-A-Thon should wear white or light colored clothing. Tutus and other fun accessories are encouraged. This is intended to be a fun event for everyone!

Pledge forms will be sent home tomorrow. Please help your child find pledges! All final money and pledges must be collected and turned in by Wednesday, October 11th to be eligible for prizes!



We are still looking for volunteers to help out with the run. Please be sure to fill out the volunteer paperwork on the district site.

In addition, we would love for volunteers to help supply us with more colored powder. You can find directions on how to make the powder in the links below.

How to make color: Option 1   Option 2   Option 3   Option 4

Other Important Information:

  • All students can participate in the Jog-a-Thon.
  • Only students with signed “Opt Out” slips are exempt from participating.
  • Students that do not want to run will need to be next to their Advisory teacher cheering on the runners.
  • Not going outside is not an option!

Day of Procedures:

  • We will be on an Activity Schedule on Friday.
  • After the end of 7th period, students will check in with Advisory teachers before changing into their Color Run attire. Once dressed, runners need to meet their Advisory class at the designated spot on the track.
  • Begin the Color Run when music starts and the colors start flying.
  • During the running:
    • walkers must use the outside lanes
    • students wearing white or light colors will be “colored” with powder
    • students wearing black or dark colors will not be colored
    • water bottles are ok, but disciplinary action will be taken for misuse
    • participants are responsible for making sure that they shout out LAST NAMES and that their lap is counted by the Advisory teacher or person recording laps.
    • the inside 3 lanes are to be reserved for runners
  •  Color Run ends when whistle blows.
  • Return to Advisory and make sure that the number of laps is recorded on your pledge envelope.
  • Students should then take pledge envelopes home, collect money, and return the envelope by Wednesday, October 11, 2015 in order to be eligible for prizes.