Our new Cedar Ridge Middle School will open November 27!

Cedar Ridge students visited their new school today for an orientation, tour, and locker assignment. Classes will begin at the school on November 27, following Thanksgiving break. An open house for families and community members will be scheduled in early January.

In 2008 when voters approved a bond measure to build a new high school, possibilities opened up for the Pioneer Campus on Bluff Road. Renovations began in early spring 2017, and through the efforts of our local sub-contractors and our own staff, the campus has been transformed.

We want to thank our staff members who are working up to the last minute to ensure the opening of our new school!

Campus renovations include:

  • Parking lot modifications
  • ADA enhancements
  • HVAC improvements
  • Security system improvements
  • Network infrastructure to district standards
  • Updated classroom instructional technology
  • Flooring and paint
  • Kitchen renovation
  • Roof repairs
  • Off-site road and sidewalk improvements

Transportation note to parents: We do not anticipate changes in bus route times, however, please allow up to 10 minutes leeway during the first week of the transition as we work out new traffic patterns.

View our site plan that shows parent drop-off, parking, and bus entry.