Advisory – the Basics

Advisory is…

  • a daily 20 minute class designed to help students be successful academically and socially.
  • a way to connect individual students with a specific teacher.
  • a way to get to know a small group of peers.
  • a place to get help.

Student goals and targets for Advisory

  • grow and develop academically, emotionally, morally, and socially.
  • develop a relationship with an adult figure and become a member of a peer group.
  • increase a sense of belonging and connection to our school.
  • learn how to become active and responsible member of the CRMS community.

Advisory – The Guiding Principles of What We Do

Everything we do in Advisory fits within these guiding principles in order to help students be as successful as possible.

  • Student to Self: To address the needs of the student as an individual.
  • Student to Peer: To teach collaboration and character development.
  • Student to Advisor: To connect the student with an adult and build relationships.
  • Student to Academics: To focus on needed school-wide academic issues.
  • Student to School Community: To create a stronger community and school culture.


Reflecting on Semester 1 in Advisory

Here is an overview of topics covered and a few links to lessons from semester one in Advisory. In addition to these lessons students watch the weekly production of the CRMS Student Newscast, and we recognize students for positive behavior, attendance, and academic growth.

Coming up in Advisory will be our Middle School Counts unit where students will be examining their transcripts, learning about GPA, and setting academic goals for the second semester.

Week 18: Individual Reflection on the Mountaineers Have a Voice survey. We examined and discussed the collective responses from the survey taken a few weeks ago, and shared out ways (from students perspective) to help make CRMS the best school it can be. We also reflected on the anti-bulling lessons done over the last couple of weeks to give students a voice about what we can do next to help make CRMS awesome for all students.

Week 16-17: Counselor Curriculum: Bullying Prevention. This two-week unit was a series of tiered lessons on bullying created by our counselor and Advisory team. Students examined a number of topics related to bullying prevention including: how to be an ally, what a positive classroom environment looks like, the difference between teasing and taunting, what it means to be a bystander, what healthy friendships look like, how to advocate and get help, as well as stories of individual students and how they overcame issues of bullying, peer pressure, and conflict.

Week 15: Focus on character education and values of successful individuals. Students researched and created lessons for their base camps on traits like: integrity, compassion, respect, drive, perseverance, creativity, innovation, courage, confidence, and many more of our core values at CRMS.

Week 14: CRMS gives back. Partnering with Sandy High School and local Kiwanis, students collected canned food for the annual Canned Food Drive and learned about the importance of being a giving part of their community.

Week 13: Lighting up the world with kindness. Students shared ways they show kindness and explored ideas to shed the light of kindness wherever they go. Students and staff also practiced school safety drills.

Week 12: Celebrating traditions. Students learned a about the importance of individual, family, and community traditions and shared about their own traditions. In addition all students had the opportunity to share their thoughts, opinions, fears, and ideas through a Mountaineers Have a Voice survey. New building question and answer.

Week 11: Empowering our kids. This week students examined some facts and statistics about bullying today and also explored ways that they have the power to beat bullying and meanness.

Week 10: Students watched a powerful point of view on How to Stop a Bully, learned about dominance behavior, and practiced active reading strategies with song lyrics, “Where Is the Love.” Check out the video here: How to Stop A Bully

Week 9: Educational Passport and student directed conferences. Students reflected on the first nine weeks of learning and their personal goals during Parent Teacher Conference week.

Week 8: Red Ribbon Week. As a school we discussed the dangers of drug and alcohol use, learned about fact versus reality of student drug use, and vowed to be drug and alcohol free. Here is one video we watched during this week that describes why it is so important kids stay away from drugs and alcohol: Under Construction

Week 7: Oregon Trail School District Say Something week. This week Cedar Ridge joined all of OTSD to give students a voice and empower each individual to advocate for themselves and one another. The bottom line, if you or someone you know is hurting, get help. Here is a short video students watched: Say Something.

Week 6: Let’s get organized! Students learned all about how successful people are often well-organized people. We covered topics such as binder organization, time management, and also spent some time discussing Lady Gaga’s message of kindness. Check out her video here: Lady Gaga Gets Emotional

Week 5: Student safety continues to be a huge focus for the Oregon Trail School District. Our continues education on safety policies and procedures helps keep our kids safe. This week we conducted our annual Run, Hide, Fight instruction and other safety procedures. We also spent time examining what a perfect Agenda looks like and the importance of filling it out each day as a way to track assignments and communicate with parents.

Week 4: Advisories competed in a community building activity – Battle of the Air Bands, learned how to use Student Vue to keep track of assignments and grades, and also ways to stay on top of the rigors of school.

Week 3: This week was all about how healthy habits like getting enough sleep, eating well, and staying hydrated are all important pieces to increase academic success.

Week 2: Know the policies, expectations, and your rights. This week students closely examined our student handbook and agenda for things like: school rules, positive incentives, behavior consequences, organizational tools, and school contact information.

Week 1: Creating community and getting to know one another through the Pieces of ME and CRMS Power of ONE art project. Each student chose one aspect (a characteristic, a passion, a quality) about themselves to create an artistic representation on a puzzle piece. These pieces were then put together as a large puzzle to demonstrate how each individual standouts for their uniqueness while also being an important part of the community as a whole.