Now that Semester Two is underway, we thought it would be a good time to remind families of the supports and tools available to students if they are struggling or need a little extra help.

Homework Club: This is an after school club for kids to get help and access resources. Students can use Chromebooks, ask a teacher or tutor for help, or simply have a quiet place to work. This club is a part of our Todos Juntos program and overseen by Michelle Emery. If you have any questions shoot me an email or contact Michelle at Students do need to complete a permission slip to stay after school for any of our clubs.

Online Resources: CRMS students have digital access to a number of helpful resources. Language Arts (Springboard), Math (McGraw Hill Connect), and Science (Amplify) curriculum are all readily available any time online. Our math curriculum includes access to additional tutorial videos if students need another look at a problem/concept. This is also a great option if a student was absent. Ask your child’s teacher for details about how to log in if your kiddo does not already know. In addition to the curriculum, Oregon Trail students also have access to the Khan Academy videos through our website. These videos provide a number of learning opportunities. Some other helpful resources include access to the library materials, research tools, and Typing Pal, which helps students learn to type efficiently.

Here is a link to our online resources. Be sure to check them out with your student:

Daily Agenda and Organization: Last, but certainly not least, one key element to student success is organization. As part of our middle school curriculum, all students are expected to fill out their Agenda for each class every day. If you are wondering how to help your student keep track of assignments, or just want to chat about what your child learned that day, ask your kiddo to share their Agenda with you.