5th grade OBOB-A-TEERS (Charlie B, Kiersten W., Sidra M., Ansel O., and Liam G.) Two finalist teams - The Book Warriors and the OBOB-A-TEERSIt was a close battle Wednesday at our Oregon Battle of the Books competition.  There were 10 teams in total from 3rd-5th grade that battled throughout the morning.  Our two teams in the finals were the OBOB-A-TEERS (Liam G., Charlie B., Ansel O., Kiersten W., and Sidra M.,) the returning champs from the 5th grade class and this year’s new addition, The Book Warriors from the 3rd grade (Jonah A., Estella G., Mayzee P., Ava E., and Genevieve B.).  It was a tight battle with only a 10 point difference.  Our winners were the defending champs the OBOB-A-TEERS.  They will be representing our school at the regionals competition March 17th.  Well done teams and Good Luck OBOB-A-TEERS!