Oregon Trail Academy 6th grade student, Charlie Bloomer, is now a published poet. Her poem, written last spring about the Cape Town water crisis, has been published in the fall 2018 Columbia Insight newsletter.

Columbia Insight is a non-profit environmental organization that works to address issues related to the environment of the Columbia River basin.




Nobody, Anybody and Everybody: A modern-day water crisis
By: Charlie Bloomer

Nobody thought this would happen,
That Cape Town would be in such distress,
Nobody could have predicted
That there would be this drought.
Nobody was prepared
For what was to come.

 Anybody could be in such trouble,
To only use 13 gallons of water.
 Anybody could have this happen,
To have to let all your plants die.
Anybody could have known,
But no one did.

Everybody can make an impact,
They can donate, they can change.
Everybody can save their community,
They can conserve water, they can help.
Everybody can try,
Because everybody can.