We were pleased to be able to host an anti-bullying presentation provided by Oregon Children’s Theatre and the Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre Program for our Grades 6-8 students today. “Above, Beyond, Below” looks at how actions can have unintended consequences, cyber-bullying, exclusion, shaming, and that everyone can take responsibility for their own power to either harm or help others. The program concluded by providing students about 25 minutes to discuss the presentation, respond to questions, and talk with the actors.



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We will also be able to provide four follow-up workshop sessions delivered in classrooms to the same cohort of students. The first of the series will be on December 13.┬áThe workshop series invites students to identify their personal values and explore strategies to put those values into practice – both online and off. Teaching artists will use theatre-based activities, writing prompts, and group discussions to engage multiple learning styles and provide students with a variety of entry points. Students will explore skills related to conflict resolution, self-management, perspective-taking, and media-literacy topics, including identity, privacy, and ways to contribute to a healthy online community.



Shout Out!

Congratulations to Ty Tilden! Ty was the winner of Amnesty International’s Diversity Month Art Competition.

October attendance winners – PYP: 1st grade with 97.4% and for MYP/DP, 7th grade with 95.87%

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