Alison Snyder

2nd Grade

Hi and welcome to my website!  I love teaching second grade and all of the exploring, learning, and fun we have together!  I can’t wait to help you become a better reader and expose you to new adventures!  I also can’t wait to show you that math is all around you.  I bet by the end of the year you will be able to teach your family something new.
I am originally from Montana.  I still go back to visit on a regular basis, usually by taking the train (which my son and I LOVE).  I am an extremely proud mom.  Henry is in the fourth grade this year.  I can not believe how fast they grow up!
Here are some of my favorites!
Colors: purple, orange, teal, black
Foods:  watermelon, rice crispy cookies, pie, Hawaiian food, Mexican food, and pretty much all other foods.  What can I say, I’m not that picky!
Dessert:  ice cream, pie, cookies, cake, cupcakes, flan, rice pudding
Animals:  penguins,  butterflies, owls, bats
Seasons: winter and summer (I love camping and snowboarding)
Stores:  Container Store, consignment stores
Collection:  Bobble Heads
When I’m not teaching I like to:
Remodel my house
Play with Henry
Watch movies
Play in the water (as long as it’s warm!)
Miss Snyder

DRA List

Use this handy link to look up some great books at your student’s reading level.  Please feel free to print it off and bring it to the library or book store with you!