Student Safety & School Security

Caring for OTSD students during a crisis

Information for parents and guardians

The Oregon Trail School District’s Emergency Operations Plan was developed in cooperation with local emergency response agencies and is based on FEMA’s National Incident Management System. The plan describes guidelines for responding to specific crisis situations, including natural disasters and school intruders. Practice drills are held throughout the school year and staff members participate in on-going training exercises. In the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, OTSD schools are prepared for sheltering-in-place with emergency supplies, water and food.

Guidelines for parents to follow during a crisis

We ask that parents follow these directions:

  • Please do not call the school. We must keep phone lines open for emergency responders.
  • Do not immediately drive to the school. School access routes and entrance areas must remain clear for emergency vehicles.
  • You will receive a message from the school as soon as possible. Sources of communication may include: FlashAlert, email, social media, district website, phone, and text. Opt-in to receive emergency text notifications by texting “Yes” to 67587.
  • Your child may be moved to another site. We will notify you if this occurs.
  • We will hold students until a parent or designee picks them up.
  • All parents or designees wishing to pick up students will need to show photo ID.
  • There may be instances when a high school student may not be allowed to move a vehicle from the school parking lot. In this case, parents will be advised to pick up the student.
  • In some circumstances, high school students may be released on their own.
  • Please ensure that your child’s emergency contact information, phone and email, is accurate and current. ALSO, be sure to designate who may pick up your child from school in your absence.

For more information about the district’s Emergency Operations Plan, contact Julia Monteith at 503-668-0679, 

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What is Oregon Trail School District doing to provide a safe, secure environment for students and staff?

Say Something: Empowering students to save lives

Run, Hide, Fight: Taking action when there is a threat to school safety

Family Prepare-a-thon: Be prepared for a disaster

Helpful websites: Be informed, make a plan, build a kit. This site will help you prepare for natural disasters such as an earthquake or fire. Games and activities teach kids about natural disasters and how to stay safe.
American Red Cross: Prepare! A Resource Guide
PublicAlerts: Sign up for real-time local emergency info
FlashAlert: Sign up for school emergency/weather closure info

Check your app store for these free smart phone apps:
FEMA (disaster readiness & response)
Red Cross First Aid