Week 8: Protect your critical documents

Being ready for a disaster is more than storing water and supplies. You also need to safeguard your finances and important papers.

Important Papers:

This week scan the following documents and save them to a flash drive to keep in your go-kit:

  • Proof of insurance (home, health, and vehicle)
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage records
  • Wills or powers-of-attorney
  • Savings and checking information
  • Credit Card customer service information (if you need to cancel a card but do not have the card it is good to keep in a safe place)

What do you know about your insurance?

  • Ask your insurance provider:
    • What types of disasters are covered in your plan? Do you have coverage for fires, earthquakes, floods?
  • Create a list of your valuables along with photos for documentation. Focus your energy on high value items and continue working on your list as you find time.

Emergency Financial First Aid Kit