Bus Request Form

The following are procedures for requesting bus transportation from the district transportation operation other than regular home-to-school or special education:

ATHLETICS / ACTIVITIES:                                                                                                         

  1. School’s designated athletic/activity coordinator must provide season information to the transportation office two weeks prior to first transportation.
  2. Season information must include:
    • Entire season transportation dates
    • Pick-up & drop off locations (including addresses)
    • Pick-up & drop off times
    • Coaches name and contact information
    • Estimated number of students to be transported
    • Other needs cargo, etc
  1. Playoff transportation requests are to be made by submitting a separate standard Bus Request form for each playoff event.


  1. Transportation for field trip and one-time trips, including athletic playoff events, are requested by submitting a Bus Request Form available from the link on this page or District Forms.
  2. Requests must be submitted two weeks in advance.
  3. Bus availability may be limited, depending of dates and times of requests, and will be handled on a first come/first served basis.
  4. Incomplete requests will be returned to the requesting staff member.


  1. Transportation for recurring programs such as special education services, after-school programs and summer programs are requested using the Bus Request Form the same as one-time trips.
  2. The following information must also accompany the Bus Request Form:
    • A calendar of specific transportation days
    • A roster of students to be transferred including addresses


Two activity vans are available for trained staff to drive for approved student transportation.

  1. In accord with ODE rules, staff must first receive training, provided by the district transportation operation, and be registered with the district’s insurer and ODE prior to driving the activity vans.
  2. Training and registration is requested by:
    • Emailing a request to your supervisor, e.g. building administrator, athletic or activity director (only district employees may be trained and qualified).
    • Supervisor, if approved, will forward e-mail with o.k. to the transportation office .
    • Transportation office will contact requesting staff to coordinate and complete training.
    • Requesting staff will bring certificate of training to business office when complete and provide a driver licensed copy for registration with insurer.
    • Requester is now qualified to drive activity vehicle.
  1. Activity vehicle is reserved for use by completing a Bus Request Form.
  2. Requester must pick up and drop off vehicle at the bus yard.
  3. Requester must fuel vehicle before returning to the bus yard using the fuel card in the vehicle to be provided by the transportation contractor.