We are all about learning and winter snow at Sandy Grade so we have two pieces of homework for our students over the two week Winter Break.  The first piece of homework is for students to read over break.  If you haven’t checked out the local library lately, this is a great time to do so.  We heard Mrs. George checked out seven books for the Winter Break so we know her reading log will be fully filled out when school start back on January 3rd.

The second piece of homework is that students need to do a snow dance each day.  Ideally the snow dance occurs when they wake up in the morning or before heading to bed.  The most important part of this dance is that they concentrate really hard on bringing snow to the area.  Some of the students in the building have already showed us their awesome snow dance moves so you might want to practice after school on Friday so they are ready for the break to begin.

If you have any great pictures or videos of your kiddos doing their Winter Break homework, please feel free to email them to rachael.george@ortrail.k12.or.us so we can post them on our Facebook page.

Let Winter Break begin!