Principal’s Message

Dear Sandy Grade Families,

On behalf of all the staff at Sandy Grade School, I would like to officially welcome you to another school year.   Sandy Grade is a thriving community school where we grow all kids through academics, attitude, and attendance!  The summer has flown by with a blink and we are quickly approaching our crisp mornings.  It is exciting to be part of this outstanding Sandy Grade Staff.  Our staff is experienced and compassionate about education.  The collaboration of this staff is next to none and we have been working hard to start off another exceptional year.

The students are the pride of Sandy Grade and we are doing our best to support each and every one in order to maximize their greatest potential.  Our shared focus is for all students, regardless of their ability level, to experience academic growth.  We are excited to utilize the resources we have in order to monitor individual student progress throughout the school year.  Interventions as well as enrichment opportunities are utilized to promote learning and maximize growth at all academic levels.


Our mission and daily focus is to grow each and every student to their maximum potential.  At Sandy Grade School we have a variety of systems and structures put into place to help kids grow academically.  For example, all of our students receive 30 minutes of math intervention or enrichment and 30 minutes of reading intervention or enrichment on a daily basis.  In addition, each student has 30 minutes of small group reading with an adult that is at their reading level.   These systems and structures were put into place five years ago and you can see the direct impact it had on our student achievement.  We went from being in the lowest 20% of elementary schools in Oregon, when it came to student performance, to now beating approximately 80% of elementary schools.  In fact, we have one of the highest growth rates and achievement levels out of all the elementary schools in the Oregon Trail School District.  We are very proud of our academic performance and gains as it is a direct reflection on the all the hard work our families, students, and staff are putting in on a daily basis.  Great job!


Research shows that children who have a history of excessive absences tend to find future classroom assignments and activities more difficult to complete. This will reduce their level of achievement as well as their interest in school.  Regular attendance is a must if the school is to do the best possible job of educating your child.  Over the past five years we have observed a significant increase in the number of students attending school regularly.  In fact, we have one of the highest attendance rates out of the elementary schools in the local area.  This directly impacts how students perform in the classroom.  Thank you to all of the families and students for making attendance and showing up to school a priority.


In the Sandy Grade Community, learning is a continuous process which occurs in a physically and emotionally safe environment. We are constantly striving to provide guidance and structure for Sandy Grade’s diverse learners in a positive and caring manner.  Our staff is working tirelessly on meeting the emotional, educational, and social needs of each and every student.  In and out of the classroom, our staff works collaboratively to provide students authentic and innovative learning opportunities while setting high behavioral and academic expectations.  At the same time, we strive to establish positive relationships with all students.

In closing, our focus at Sandy Grade is on the individual growth of every student.  Our school-wide system provides the opportunity for students to flourish at every level whether the identified need be intervention or enrichment.  In order to do this, we meet in a collaborative model, in which teams meet monthly and weekly during early release to analyze a variety of assessments to determine current student needs

As a staff and as the Principal, we are excited to continue to this work with our students into the upcoming school year as the sky’s the limit.  We truly feel fortunate to be part of your child’s education.  As always, if you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Dr. Rachael George


Sandy Grade School @SandyGrade_OTSD