Stephen Snow


And away we go! The 2016/17 school year marks the beginning of my 17th year as the counselor at Sandy Grade School, although it is my 32nd year at Sandy Grade as I was a classroom teacher before making the transition to counseling. We have a great school community, and I love working with the students and staff alike! I am, however, a shared counselor and half of my week is at Kelso Elementary. My days at Sandy Grade this year are all day Tuesday and Thursday and Friday until noon.

As the counselor, my role is to help students feel safe, happy, and successful at school. When students feel safe, happy, and successful, their academic performance improves. I am an active support to staff, students, and families to help students grow into successful adults.

Towards this end, I visit classrooms twice a month to teach community building, social skills, problem solving strategies, and bullying prevention strategies. I also meet with students in small groups or individually to help students work through specific issues. And, when a crisis comes up, I am available to offer immediate support to work through the issue at hand.

I enjoy working with the students, staff, and families at Sandy Grade and feel confident that this will be a safe, happy, successful year.