Revised calendar addresses school closures

The OTSD Board of Directors has approved a revised 2016/2017 school calendar to address weather related closures. The calendar was developed with staff and parent input, and adds back critical instructional time while not compromising family calendars or high school graduation.

The revised calendar adds instructional time by:

  • Adding two days to the end of the school year, thereby adding 12 hours of instructional time for all students. The last day of school for grades K-11 is: Friday, June 16; and the last day for seniors is: Friday, June 9.
  • Eliminating Early Release days starting March 1 through the remainder of the school year, providing 13 hours of instructional time for all students.
  • Adding 21 minutes to the beginning of the high school day, which adds 32 hours of instructional time for high schools students.
    • The new start time for Sandy High is 7:24 am, beginning Tuesday, January 31.
    • While most buses already arrive at Sandy High prior to the new start time, four bus routes will be affected – Routes 1, 2, 4 and 5. The student pick-up time for each of these routes will be 10 minutes earlier than the current pick-up time.

These remedies will increase student teacher contact time and create a buffer in the event we have more weather related closures. They also bring Sandy High in compliance with Oregon’s threshold of 990 instructional hours, and keep our elementary and middle schools in compliance with the K-8 threshold of 900 hours. In the event that we have weather related issues that exceed these remedies, the State Board of Education has approved a waiver of 14 hours that we may access to offset further lost time.

Revised Calendar

Updated bell schedule