Sandy High School
Advisory Program
Parent Information

What is Advisory?

SHS Advisory Goals: 

  • Provide a consistent advocate and mentor for each student at SHS
  • Provide each students with a sense of connection to school and community
  • Assist all students with their unique career, academic, and personal/social needs
  • Improve classroom skills and behaviors and enhance learning for all students
  • Provide a consistent and systematic curriculum that encourages each student to progress and succeed
  • Promote a positive and safe school climate/environment


SHS Advisory Structure (How Will It Work):

  • Students will be randomly assigned to an advisory group and advisor (teacher)
  • So that students and their advisor will get to know each other well, students will remain with their same advisory group and teacher for the duration of their high school career
  • Advisory groups will meet twice per week for 30 minutes during our Advisory (B) Schedule
  • Students will receive a grade of Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U) at the end of each semester and will receive .25 credit per year upon successful completion of Advisory


SHS Advisory Curriculum (What will students do?):

  • Each advisory period will have a clear and meaningful purpose, so that the period is used to its maximum advantage (this will not be a “study hall” period)
  • Students will engage in lessons that cover areas relating to personal and academic skill building and activities that foster relationship and community building
  • Homework will not be assigned for Advisory, however, in order to receive a satisfactory grade, students will be expected to participate and complete all assignments to the best of their abilities.