Student schedules for fall 2018 will be available in Parent/Student Vue on August 13th.  If students have been inaccurately placed in a course, they may request a change to their schedule as follows: seniors on August 20th, juniors on August 21, sophomores on August 22 and freshman on August 23. Changing a schedule can be a complex process so students need to come in person to have that conversation with their counselor.

Our goal is to have all schedules ready, including requested changes, by the evening of Open House on August 30th from 6:00-8:30 p.m.  Families will have the opportunity to meet each teacher and hear about each course at the Open House. Students will have accurate schedules on the first day of school.  This will alleviate students waiting, sometimes multiple days, for schedule changes and potentially missing classes during that time.

Rumor control:
* 2017-18 schedules were rolled-over to begin the process of scheduling for 2018-19. During the roll-over, an error caused the schedules to be visible to students and parents for a limited amount of time. Those schedules were not necessarily accurate.  Please check back on 8/13 for accurate schedules.
* For students enrolled in AP courses – those courses, like other courses, are spread throughout the day to accommodate as many students as possible in each course.
* To earn an Honor’s Diploma, a student needs to earn a minimum of 8 credits coming from more than 40 pre-designated Honor’s Diploma course offerings.