Yes, the number and variety of scholarships out there can be overwhelming!  We can help.

Students can check for printed information on many scholarships in the College & Career Center.

OSAC: All seniors should fill out the Oregon Student Access Commission (OSAC) scholarship application with over 500 scholarships.  This is an online application and should be up in early November, with a March 1 deadline. You don’t need to be a merit scholar or a student with financial need to apply for OSAC scholarships. All types of scholarships are available. Many are based on criteria such as, the high school you attended, your academic interests, your school and community activities, or your career goals. Some require a minimum GPA and others require no GPA whatsoever. There are more than 500 scholarships and you may qualify! But you won’t know unless you apply.

Local scholarships for Sandy High School students only: All Local Scholarship information will be distributed on March 1st (or shortly thereafter) to seniors in SHS English Classes and to SHS vocational instructors.  The Local Scholarship information will also be available in the SHS Counseling Center, the Career Center, and on the SHS webpage.
Other suggested scholarship search resources: (Username: sandyhigh Password: pio2000)