Library Clubs and Activities

Library Clubs and Activities

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D-20 Club

Gamers Club

20 sided die

Join us during Club Tutorials or listen to the announcements for our after school meetings. We get together to try some of our favorite and new table-top RPGs, CCGs, and dice-based games.  LARPers, card shufflers, crit rollers, or whatever branch of live fantasy gaming you subscribe to, we welcome you!

Upcoming Meetings:


Tues, March 8th: Board game party with the Literary Society

Literary Society

Library Club/Book Club

Join us during Club Tutorials to talk about books, plan an event, or join a Battle of the Books team!

Use this link to give your feedback on titles for NEXT year’s OBOB list. You can make comments on titles you think are great ideas, or titles you really really DON’T want to be on the list.