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2024 Summer Academy FAQs

Summer Academy FAQ 2024

 1. Who is eligible to enroll in Summer Academy?

  • Elementary Academy: Any currently enrolled OTSD incoming Kindergartener, Kindergartener, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grader, and K-5 SLC A/B students.  
  • Middle School Academy: Any currently enrolled OTSD 5th, 6th, or 7th grader, and 6th-8th grade SLC A/B students. 
  • Sandy High Academy: Any currently enrolled OTSD 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th grader working towards graduation.


2. What’s the cost?

  • FREE 


3. Where will the Academy’s be located?

  • Elementary Academy: Kelso Elementary School
  • Middle School Academy:  Cedar Ridge Middle School 
  • High School Academy: Sandy High School


 4. What’s the schedule?

Elementary Academy: 

  • July 29-August 1 & August 5-8 : 9 am-1 pm

Middle and High School Academies: 

  •  July 29-August 1 & August 5-8: AM Session: 8:00-11:00  PM Session 11:30-2:30


 5. Will meals be provided? 

  • Elementary students may eat a free district-provided lunch or bring their own. 
  • Middle and high students will be provided a grab & go lunch at the end of the morning session/beginning  of afternoon session. Students staying for both am and pm sessions will be able to eat lunch on campus .Students can also pack their own lunch. 


6. Will transportation be provided? 

  • Transportation will be provided within OTSD boundaries. A schedule of routes/times will be available before summer academy begins. 


7. What if my child can’t make every day of the session?

  • If a student misses 2 days of summer school at the elementary or middle level, their summer school seat may be given to another student. A student can only miss 1 day of class. If they miss more than 1 day, they no longer have the opportunity to earn the credit for the class. If a student is tardy for more than 30 minutes, that counts as an absence for the day. They will receive a “W”, withdrawal on their transcript.
  • We do expect students to participate during each week of their session. We cannot accept registrations for 1-week segments of a session.


8. Will Chromebooks be used?

There will be minimal online activity depending on the class.


9. How will we be contacted with confirmation of enrollment & additional information?

  • You will receive an email confirmation letting you know if your child has been seated in a class(es)   by June 21st.
  •  If you plan to use school bus transportation, STA will email you the bus route and schedule at least the week before summer school begins.


10. Will elementary students be able to play outside on the playground?



131. What kind of activities will students get to do? 

  • Elementary: literacy, math, potential in-school science field trips, art, other enrichment
  • Middle & High: core academic and/or electives courses


12. Will there be a remote option?

There is no remote option. All classes and activities will be in-person. 


13. Are homeschooled students eligible to enroll in Summer Academy?

Yes. You would need to enroll your student in OTSD for the summer; then un-enroll them in the fall if you choose to continue homeschooling. 


14.  Are seats first come, first served?

Students who have been identified as needing additional academic support, are credit deficient, may receive priority seating.


15. Who can I contact for more information?

  • Elementary Academy: Julie Savage, 503-668-8020,
  • Middle School Academy: Nicole Johnston, 503-668-8067,
  • High School Academy: Maria Omeara,  503-668-8011 ext. 7128,
  • Summer Academy Program Director: Kim Ball, 503-668-5541 ext. 4002,