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Facilities Services

Facilities Services

The Facilities Services Department is responsible for providing support services that promote and facilitate an atmosphere for instruction and learning to occur.

Services include: Facility & Field Use, School Safety Data Sheets (SDS - formerly MSDS), Healthy & Safe Schools, and facility/grounds work-orders

Call the Facilities Office at 503-668-6442 to speak with:


School Safety Data (formerly known as MSDS)

Healthy & Safe Schools

Asbestos Update Notification 2023

Asbestos 3 Year Inspection Reports for 2023-2024

Asbestos Survey for Former Band Room at Cedar Ridge Middle School

Asbestos Survey for Former Band Room at Boring Middle School

Well Water Testing Results - Boring Middle, Kelso Elementary, Oregon Trail Academy

Integrated Pest Management Plan

Firwood Elementary Gym Air Sampling

Healthy and Safe Schools Plan

Lead and Copper In Water Testing:

Water Testing: Oregon Trail School District has been testing for lead in all our schools' drinking water since July 2016, before testing was mandated by legislation. Since that time, all drinking water sources in our schools have been tested, and the majority passed with lead content falling below the Oregon Health Authority action levels the first time tested. In cases where the point of use exceeded the action levels, mitigation steps were taken to correct the matter. The water at these fixtures was then re-tested to confirm they were corrected. Locations that could not readily be corrected were removed from service.

For more information about water testing, please call the Facilities Office at 503-668-6442.

Oregon Trail School District Radon Plan

Radon Testing Schedule

Radon Testing 2017-2021

Radon Testing 2023 

Lead in Paint Results: Boring Middle School "Snack Shack"