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You Can Help Enrich Education for Our Children

  • Contribute to our efforts by sending your tax deductible contribution today.
  • Offer your time and expertise by assisting with a foundation project.
  • Become a foundation board member and assist with the development of foundation priorities and projects.

Every Penny Benefits Children

As a private, independent, voluntary organization, our funding is not related to the budgeting process of the Oregon Trail School District. We strive to provide a variety of educational opportunities that are simply not available to students at the current time.

Foundation board members are volunteers, and unlike the education foundations in some communities, we have no paid staff. Virtually every penny of your tax-deductible contribution will be used for education programs, not overhead or management.

Projects Include:

  • No Pioneer Left Behind, scholarships for athletics & activities
  • Technology in the classroom
  • Innovative school and class projects


The Oregon Trail Education Foundation exists to increase and enrich the educational opportunities and environment for the students of the Oregon Trail schools.

Foundation Board

Marie Teune, President
Phone: 503-680-6227

Michelle Snyder, Treasurer

Pat Sanders

Kurt McKnight, No Pioneer Left Behind Coordinator

Mike Sutton

Julia Monteith, Secretary
Phone: 503-668-0679