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Student Transportation

The transportation operation’s focus is to provide safe, reliable and efficient service for the students and families of the district. The operation provides home to school, special program, activity and athletic transportation services and additionally offers charter services for fee. The District typically runs 21 full-size and 11 small-size bus routes to provide transportation throughout its 424 square mile area. The overall fleet maintained is approximately 40 buses.

Student Transportation of AmericaTransportation for the students of Oregon Trail School District is provided by Student Transportation of America (STA). STA prides itself on being a family and community minded business. Building on this family business culture, CEO Denis J. Gallagher began in 1997 with the goal of becoming North America’s premier safe, community focused, employee eccentric and service oriented student and special service transportation provider. STA remains dedicated to developing and nurturing a unique company culture that focuses on employees, customers and the Sandy com

Transportation Office:

A yellow school busSite Manager, Bill Nieman -

Dispatcher: Patti Olsen -

Safety Coordinator: Daenna Bless –

Area General Manager: Shane Anderson –

Transportation Forms:

Route Information

  • Middle & high school routes: Fall 2023

    To avoid inefficient and delayed routes, only students marked "intend to ride bus" on the school registration will be routed to a school bus. 

    Find your student's route and stop times by clicking here: Traversa Ride 360. You will enter an email address and password to establish a user account. Then be prepared to enter your student ID and birth date to connect and retrieve information. 

    Traversa Ride 360 will show you student as "not routed" if:

    1. Your home resides within the walking zone for your school;

    2. You did not mark your intent to use bus transportation when completing your student's online registration.

    For students assigned to small specialized buses, the transportation office will call families directly to confirm routes and times.

  • Once an account is set up within Traversa 360, parents may track the location of their students' bus while on-route.  To do this, log into Traversa  360 and select "Bus Location".   A zoomable map will show your student's bus current location within small transmission delays.   The GPS locator is only operational during routes.   A bus may show stationary for a period of time due to traffic delays or because they are waiting at a school site.

  • Future description pending

  • Address changes for transportation must be initiated at your student's school.  The school will provide initial route information to families with address changes.  Bus routing software will pick up changes entered by school staff and will be reflected in Traversa Ride 360 with a day of entry.

  • Detailed Snow Route Information

    Inclement Weather Action Protocol

    Transportation staff will plan to review road conditions when weather forecasts or first-hand observations indicate the onset of inclement conditions.  If no forecast or observations of possible poor conditions exist, transportation staff will not initiate an early review of roads.  If forecast or observations exist by the prior evening, the following process will be initiated:

    The Superintendent will make final decisions for all school closures. 

    1) By 3:30 am, designated transportation staff will drive roads in various regions across the district. Drivers will report conditions to the transportation supervisor.

    2) By 4:30 am the transportation supervisor will report to the Superintendent regarding road conditions and recommendations, and will follow up with frequent check-ins.

    3) Near 6:00 am the Superintendent will make an initial call to delay or close schools.  The Superintendent will contact the communications director, who will, in turn, report the decision to the media, parents, and staff.

    • If it appears clear conditions are progressively deteriorating, schools will likely be closed.

    • If there is a possibility of improvement, schools will likely be on a two-hour late start.

    • Snow routes will be designated as recommended by the transportation supervisor.

    • When appropriate, specific buildings rather than the entire district will have a late start, be closed and/or put on snow routes.

    The superintendent or designee will contact school administration regarding closures.  Official closure notice will not come from transportation or other individuals.

    4) By 8:00 am, if a late start was called, the transportation supervisor will provide an additional update to the Superintendent, who will make a final decision on whether to close schools, notify staff and parents, and report to media as outlined previously.

    Once students have been delivered to school, we intend to retain them for the entire school day if at all reasonable. Assembling drivers and notifying parents to make mid-day student delivery is very difficult. Nonetheless, on occasion, deteriorating conditions may require early dismissal.  In this case, the road assessment process will be similar to that described previously, with the decision communicated in the same manner.

    When a closure is made, it will include a mixture of the following options. Communications to staff and parents will indicate which options are involved.

    Closure options prior to receiving students for the day may be:

    • Closed

    • (___) School closed

    • All schools 2 hours late

    •  (___) School 2 hours late

    • No AM Headstart

    • No after school or evening activities

    • All district closed (___) hours early or closed at (___) PM

    • (___) School closed (___) hours early or closed at (____) PM

    • If only Welches School is closed, Sandy High students and middle school students on variance to Cedar Ridge who reside in the Mt Hood Area will be picked up at the Hoodland Thriftway parking lot at 7:00 am.                                                     NOTE: Depending on road conditions, the pickup spot may be changed to the Rendezvous Center and parents will be notified.

    Transportation options may include:

    * All buses on regular routes
    * AM & PM buses on snow routes (if the entire district closes early for snow or ice, this will always be the case)
    * Specific buses on snow routes
    * Specific bus routes not run
    * NOTE: Always be prepared for transportation delays during inclement weather.


    Late Start schedule





    Current Start Time

    Late Start Opening Time

    End of Day













    Sandy Grade








    Boring Middle




    Cedar Ridge




    Sandy High









Non-home to school Bus Requests

Non-home to school transportation requests are initiated at this link PND and will use the following process:

  1. All fields in the request form must be completed by the requestor; 
  2. Once submitted, the form will be sent to your principal for approval:
  3. After principal approval notification of the completed request will be sent to transportation staff:
  4. Transportation staff will review the request and email a response either confirming or denying the request based upon bus and driver availability.

STA Employment

All transportation staff are employees of Student Transportation of America (STA).  STA has regular employment opportunities within the Sandy operation.  If you are interested, apply at or contact Sandy manager, Bill Nieman, 503-668-8855, with questions.